Love is in the Chair: Everything you need to know about Love Seats

Updated: Feb 16

The sofa, couch, settee - or whatever name you prefer to give it - comes in many shapes, sizes, colours and coverings and is a fundamental part of pretty much every home. We all have at least one designated seating area in our home (well of course unless you've just moved in, literally don't have the space, or you're adopting a minimalist approach to home design) and whilst sofas are an ideal place to lounge alone as you can stretch out and watch TV, have a read or a rest, technically, a sofa is designed to seat two or more people.

As Valentine's Day started to approach we asked "what is the best sofa to buy for when you have special company"? By special company, we mean another person we care enough about to want to share our company with after the reassurance of a negative Covid test.

The Love Seat (also fondly called a Snuggle Seat) is the perfect seating type to actively encourage close contact seating. So, what is the difference between a two seater sofa and a loveseat?! The technicality of this definition is all in the proportion. Loveseats often have the appearance of a wide arm chair, or a squat sofa, but are often labelled ‘loveseat’ even when they're just normal two seater sofas; as let's face it - no one's policing the way this label is used.

Loveseats actually have an interesting history, and the origins date back to the end of the 1700s for when chairs needed to be designed wider to accommodate the large dresses that women wore during this period. As the fashions changed and silhouettes downsized, these wider than average chairs needed another person to help fill out this empty space and so in the 1800s, along came the tête-à-tête a small two seater sofa designed for having a posh chat in French.

Fast forward to today, these classic chairs still have a strong position in modern society and are stocked by a variety of retailers. So if you’re looking to invest in a new small sofa or wider chair to fit a particular space in your home, why not consider the charming love seat!?

(NB, when searching, ‘love seat’ and ‘loveseat’ can be spelled interchangeably)

To help give your search a head-start, we’ve rounded up an Edit of six dashing contenders suitable for snuggling up on, this Valentine’s.