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Talking with Texture, Crafting with Colour

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It might still be summer, but let's face it, the weather doesn't know what it's doing, so we are steadily gearing up for Autumn/Winter. With many styles carrying over from seasons previous, let's explore some key home design looks that have defined 2021 so far.

If you love what you see, click on the pic to check it out! Pieces featured are all available to buy delivered to the door of your UK home at the time of publishing this article.


Stroking Sideboards:

Made Charcoal Textured Designer Sideboard Interior Decor

Have you ever felt compelled to touch

e v e r y t h i n g in the shop? Those days are gone thanks to covid, but fortunately the renaissance in textured furniture will give us our sensory tactile fix within the comfort and sanitised safety of our own homes.

Made Architectural Wood Slat Designer Sideboard or Bookshelf Interior Decor

We have been celebrating textured applications for a long time (think crackle glazed tiles, 3D wallpapers and fluted panes of glass) but the time has come for furniture to now feature textured facades, from geometric shapes to architectural slats. If you like these sideboards, we've got some more storage furniture ideas over on our Pinterest.

Texture can be visual too:

Cox and Cox Black Designer Slim Arch Mirror Interior Decor

With texture being a sensory element, it can go beyond physical tactility, and become an idea greater than itself; maybe texture for you is the way you can cleverly make eyes traverse a room, bending around corners or scanning forwards and backwards. The linear architectural detail as seen on slatted furniture can be balanced with architectural arches, which are still very much prominent on the Instagram scene. Texture ultimately plays with shape, and the arch is truly one of this year's most influential shapes in the world of home design, making a huge comeback on architectural elements such as windows, doors and openings dividing rooms, and can be simply and non-permanently incorporated into your home with the clever selection of choice key pieces, from mirrors to headboards.

Hand-drawn Lines:

Cox and Cox Designer Silhouette Line Sitting Art Print Interior Decor

This wouldn't be a decor review without mentioning Japandi, would it? This minimal trend combining Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism is still burning very brightly in the home interior decor world. Neutral colour schemes and earthy wood tones pair with abstract feature pieces, such as this line drawing print, so often seen as part of this trend.

Made Designer Camden Diamond Line Rug Interior Decor

We love this rug for its rustic irregular lines and bold hand-drawn geometric shapes. Plus it brings us neatly onto our next trend:

Layer up your stripes:

Tupu Home Designer Andes Beige Boho Cushion Interior Decor

Did you know, cushions are good for your soul? That's a proven fact, and as well as this, cushions are one of the easiest ways to take your home from timeless to trending in an instant, requiring a minimal investment and providing flexible styling opportunities. One of the key trends this season is layering up stripes, on top of even more stripes, whilst keeping the colours, proportions and directions diverse and mismatching.

This cushion has made our shortlist of top pick decor buys for its boho vibes, neutral colours and yes, trending stripes. If you love your cushions, why not checkout our shortlist of cushions perfect for Autumn 2021 over on our cushions Pinterest board.


Beige Backdrops:

We are still seeing earthy, murky, neutral colours to form the backdrops of our homes. Think taupe's, truffles and comforting clays, blending warm autumnal vibes with cold tribal tones. Dulux's colour of the year, Brave Ground is the perfect buy if you want to refresh your walls this season.

Dulux Colour of the Year Brave Ground Brown Taupe Neutral Emulsion Paint

Shine On:

Made Designer Green Blue Lampshade Lighting Vince Midi Floor Lamp Interior Decor

Neutral backdrops form a fantastic blank canvas for colour to feature at the forefront. Keep in the same tonal range to connect colours and pieces together, as can be seen here with this Lampshade which brings together so many design trends in one hit, incorporating a high-shine, earthy green/blue base with a strong design, mid-century look.

Whilst on the topic of lighting, it can make your interior design scheme go from zero to one-hundred, presenting opportunities for balancing light with dark, casting strategic shadows, and adjusting the levels of the hues from cool to warm, which can completely shake up the overall feel of your colour scheme.

Statement Vases:

Maisons Du Monde Designer Mustard Brown Blown Glass Vase Demijohn Interior Decor

Vases are incredibly versatile and we could easily have them A L L out on display, whether as standalone pieces of filled with fresh blooms.

OKA Designer Faux Pussy Willow Stem Interior Decor

We may even be slightly obsessed with vases and have many bold and exciting examples over on our Pinterest. Pair a dramatic base with fine delicate faux florals, such as this charming pussy willow.

If you loved these ideas as much as we did curating them for you, you can find all these decor products and more over on our ever growing I N T E R I O R D E C O R Pinterest Boards:

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