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6 things to consider when refreshing your home for Autumn - using nothing but simple cushions.

Everybody is talking about it… yes, unfortunately THE END is here. The end of summer as we know it. Despite the suns reluctance to disappear promising to grace us with its presence this week (thank you thank you!), the holidays are over and the long days are getting shorter. Even September cannot escape the advent calendars in the shops (ridiculous or exciting; I’m still undecided). And yet here we are, embracing the idea of Christmas like it's happening tomorrow. So first things first, let's not jump the gun - let’s take a step back and think of the next super exciting season coming up - Autumn. We will enjoy the sun while we have it, however, there’s no harm in getting prepared for a seasonal transition. All the great fashion houses are a couple of seasons ahead, right?

So let's discuss preparing our homes for autumn. We want something fast. We want something cost-effective. We want something cosy. We want something renewing. We want something simple. And I know just the thing. Cushions. Cushions are literally all those things. Cushions are one of the fastest, low-effort and high-impact ways to update your home. If you’re after more budget-friendly ideas for how to transform your home click here. If you're after a quick, cheap transformation using cushions continue reading as I will be giving you the full 101.

1. Assess your current situation and create objectives

The key to a great refresh is to look at what you have as a starting point. Think about the placement of your existing beds, sofas, or wherever you're looking to refresh using cushions. Are they all seen in the same sightline, i.e. Do you need to think about creating a visual flow? Are you hoping to create continuity between the rooms as you enter one space to another, or does each room have a different style or theme? Really evaluate the colours, textures and positions already present which will help you identify your aims and objectives.

2. How seasonal do you want to go?

Are you thinking full-on Halloween pumpkin cushions or a subtle sense of cosiness? Again this works with point 1 as you might turn up or down the cliché volumes from room to room. A kid's room for instance might have a more colourful, playful or whimsical approach whereas the family living room might have a more paired back neutral cosy family-snug vibe.

3. Let's talk colour

We’re seeing lots of deep greens, rich reds and burnt oranges on Instagram at the moment. Neutrals, such as browns, whites and creams are also seasonal autumn/winter staple colours year on year. Let's be real, trends are trends but what’s important is that your new cushions reflect you, what you love, and pair well with your current home style. This is a refresh; we’re talking a low-investment upgrade, not a brick-dust transformation. So whether you’re chucking out your knackered cushions and starting from scratch or accentuating what you have, think about those warming autumnal colours that work for you. Here's a top tip - draw inspiration from nature. Autumn is known for its vibrant foliage, so look to the colours of changing leaves for inspiration. Think about those shades of deep red, burnt orange, golden yellow, rich brown, and earthy green as a starting point and play with this for your home. To balance any bold and vibrant autumnal colours, incorporate neutral tones like beige, cream, taupe, or grey. These neutrals create a harmonious backdrop for the more intense colours.

4. Let's talk texture

Texture can enhance the autumnal feel. Different cushion textures can add depth and tactile interest to your space. Importantly for autumn, they create a sense of warmth, cosiness and comfort. Consider fabrics such as velvet, tweed, silk, wool, chunky knits, or faux fur. Don’t be afraid to layer them up and if the idea of layering leaves you lost, here's how to layer like a pro

5. Let’s talk pattern

Introduce textured cushions with autumnal patterns like plaids, tartans, or herringbone. These classic patterns are reminiscent of autumn and add visual intrigue. The pattern itself doesn't have to be strictly autumnal and may simply have more of an autumnal colour behind the pattern. However, let's be real - you are limited to the finds that you see in the shops. However, if you're a keen crafter there is nothing more satisfying than making a bespoke cushion cover from scratch.

6. Some things to look out for when shopping for cushions online

Cushion shopping in actual real-life shops is one of the most comforting days out you can possibly have, but unless you’re buying covers only, the bags can get a little bulky. It is much easier to buy online but you can often get caught out so make sure you read descriptions carefully and contact the retailer with any questions if in doubt. Some quick-check things to consider include 1. double checking sizes, 2. making sure you know whether you’re getting the full cushion or just the covers, (learnt this one the hard way!) and 3. if it’s the full cushion check on its filling (i.e. feather down, foam etc) as well as the material that the covers made of (i.e. think about where the new cushion will be sited - if it’s a high-traffic, crumb-prone area subject to soup related incidents then it's probably best to go for something wipe down and without those tiny little knit holes.)

In Concushion (this was a genuine typo but I thought as it was on-brand I’d leave it in) cushions are just so great and versatile. They come in various colours and styles, allowing you to change your room's current mood by introducing new design elements or, through simple swapping or pairing, you can use cushions to create temporary aesthetics from season to season.


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