6 PRO TIPS IN 6 MINUTES: Six small tips to make a big impact with your home lighting.

It’s so important to never underestimate just how critical a great lighting scheme is when it comes to home design.

Every day, we all interact with lighting in our homes. It’s often gone unnoticed; most of us assume its simply there to just serve a purpose and only noticed when it goes wrong. When incorporated well, lighting can enhance your home as subtly or impressively as desired. From the small details that make a difference every day, good lighting can be a true delight to be grateful for.

In this article we tackle basic ideas from physical functionality through to how lighting can psychologically influence your sense of space. Lighting can literally have a huge impact, on the planet; on your mood; and on your bank account. Let’s run through some of the fundamentals…

All great projects start with a plan. It’s crucial to know how the space is going to be used so that you can zone lighting appropriately. If you’re updating an existing space, get to know the current lighting layout to assess what needs to stay and what needs to be improved.

Pro Tip No.1

Think about where your light switches are in relation to doors. This is especially important if you’re thinking about rehanging doors with the hinges on the other side. There is nothing more faffy than having to enter a room and hand-stumble to find the switch on the other side of the door, in the dark.