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How to create a decadent Art Deco inspired Living Room (with a Botanical twist!)

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

One of our favourite Interior Design Trends for 2020 here at British Home Design is without a doubt the Art Deco theme. It comes with its twists and influences to differentiate it from its 1920's origin; combining 'Great Gatsby' luxe with earthy colours and floral and botanical touches is what makes this look so fresh in this modern era.

Let's admire the below image by our friends over at Perch & Parrow - we're sure you will agree that they have achieved an absolutely superb look with their impeccable interior styling and perfect product selection.

You can achieve this VERY look in your own living room; British Home Design will show you how, so let's start by breaking down the products available to buy which you can see tagged with the BHD labels. Plus, we have some colour suggestions to create that cosy, cocoon-like and sultry environment which will give your home that interior design edge.

Let's start with the sofa - 'The Brooke'. Arguably the showstopping showpiece of the room, its earthy burnt orange tones bring that modern twist that I was telling you about earlier yet ironically this is very much a vintage look that is so en vogue right now. That deep scalloped cushion back is such a current style and can be seen everywhere right now and is set to remain a design classic. The soft velvet material literally entices you to want to sit on this piece whilst giving that luxury edge. The curves add to the feminine floral vibe which gives this piece that very subtle yet botanical edge.

You can buy Brooke Velvet Sofa in Rust Orange for £1110 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

(0% Finance is available from £78.62 per month for 12 months)

" The Brooke is an Art Deco inspired range that has the potential to become a family heirloom. Striking shape, with deeply cushioned seat and seam detailing throughout its shell back, as well as slim metal brass finish legs for that vintage vibe. A focal point in its own right that can be used to complete your living space, or paired with its matching armchair for a daring one-of-a-kind sitting room duo "

It goes without saying how important it is that you measure up properly before investing in any furniture, so for your reference here's the sofa dimensions - H:87cm x W:181cm x D:92cm.

However, if a sofa is too big for your space, you can get this same look for whichever room or space you would like to re-design in the form of an arm chair for just £660 which you can buy here.

" Striking shape, with deeply cushioned seat and seam detailing throughout its shell back, as well as slim metal brass finish legs for that vintage vibe. A focal point in its own right that can be used as a dressing room or bedroom chair, or paired with its matching sofa for a daring one-of-a-kind sitting room duo "

Let's move onto the round side table - 'Alexis' - the perfect piece to compliment your Art Deco theme. Those clean lines are characteristic of this theme, with the gold metal providing that luxury edge. Function goes beyond form here; this table is practical. Not only is the wipe-clean glass top a wonderful worry-free aspect, it also comes as a 'nest' allowing elements to be pulled out or tucked away and looks stunning as a standalone table. The best part is, no assembly is required!

You can buy the Alexis Round Side Table for £715 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

If you love this gold frame look, use the below slider to view some more pieces in the Alexis range that will compliment your Art Deco theme perfectly and work well together as a set or as a standalone piece. Click on the alternative side table, coffee table or bookshelf to take you to the retailer, who offer finance for selected furniture over the value of £750.

Arguably, the key to pulling off that look that says 'my home was designed by an interior designer' is through the simple technique of layering. This next section focuses on those supplementary pieces that work in unison with the more dominant pieces of furniture - as a collective they are key to contributing to the look as a whole.

Here's the overall look again - just because we appreciate that scrolling back to the top of a blog post/trying to remember what it was we were talking about can sometimes be tricky!

Let's have a look at the rug in greater detail.

This rug contributes brilliantly to the overall composition for many reasons.

1) It adds a softness, which contrasts with the linear nature of the nest of tables.

2) Its softness balances the softness of the cushions and the curves of the sofa.

3) It adds a bohemian, happy-go-lucky, almost playful vibe which again works well with the scalloped sofa, which in itself is quite a fun piece, really!

4) Its dark, charcoal colour helps zone and define the room, especially when surrounded by lighter, warm textured materials such as the wooden floor seen here.

5) Its large size equally assists in zoning a space (H:230cm x W:160cm x D:0.5cm)

"This Luxury range of Rugs is our most diverse collection yet. From hand-woven and brailed jute designs these rugs are not only gorgeous but can fit into any bohemian or contemporary aesthetic within your home. Featuring warm colours finished off in a leaf patterned fabric."

You can buy the Kailani Leaf Rug for £220 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

The key to soft furnishing is balancing them out by adding even more soft furnishings! Layering up cushions is a fantastic way to visually invite people to use your room. Accents such as cushions go a long way to customise big pieces such as a sofa and truly make them your own in a way that is non-permanent and cost-effective.

You can buy the Misha Fringed Velvet Cushion in Teal for £36 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

This cushion is perfect to complete that sumptuous look thanks to its soft velvet fabric and luxe shine, whilst the fringed tassels add to the boho look and is so very on trend for 2020. Plus, as you can see below, this cushion comes in an array of stunning decadent colour hues.

"Featuring gorgeous rich colours finished off in a textured velvet fabrics and framed in an opulent fringed border, the Misha cushion oozes high-end comfort. Perfect for adding personality and style to your sofa, bed or armchair. For more of a vibrant flair and sumptuous textures, complement the Misha cushions with the Artemis cushion, guaranteed to be a showstopper"

For that extra dimension of velvet luxe combined with botanical themes, combine the Misha cushions with the Artemis Tasselled Metallic Palm Cushion. £36 from Perch & Parrow.

Let's move on to looking at the 'Newport' arch mirror, which compliments the scene in so many ways. Being floor standing and propped up against the wall adds to that relaxed vibe and at 150cm tall, it doesn't need to be hung. Its top arch mirrors the subtle curves in the sofa. Its metallic gold frame balances perfectly with the gold framed furniture. It's just such a perfect mirror which can be yours for just £195 - to find out more, click here.

One of the most fundamental keys to achieving interior design greatness is though excellent lighting. It's not just about how the light fitting itself looks - its also just as important to fully consider the placement and positioning of that light, in whatever form it comes (pendant, spotlight, table lamp etc), and also equally the lux and ambiance that light creates. Think about the light output levels as well as its tone (warmth or coolness) of that bulb to ensure that you are creating your desired effect just as you intended it.

You can buy the Grayson Floor Lamp in Black for £300 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

Position your Grayson lamp over the sofa for reading light practicality whilst achieving a soft downlight to cast shadows over your furniture, adding depth and richness to your space.

Finally, adding smaller accessories to populate your space is crucial for creating that lived in feel. Seated on the table next to a glass of wine (highly recommended) these metallic gold accessories finish off the look wonderfully.

You can buy the Ruth Large Handmade Metallic Candle in Antique Gold for £49 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

You can buy the Large Starlight Metallic Golden Tealight Candle Holder for £26 from Perch & Parrow by clicking here

So, there it is - how to create a decadent Art Deco inspired living room with a botanical twist! I do hope that this British Home Design article has helped you source the right home decor products for your interior design brief whilst providing a little inside know-how how to position and place these pieces for maximum effect. Seeing an image as a whole can be so helpful to assist in visualising an overall scheme, yet each product has its individual merits as perfect additions to compliment your existing decor. Its all about finding the look that represents you, so I hope at the very least, this 6 minute read has been a helpful starting point.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, viewing and visualising - if you have, please continue your support by clicking on one of our social buttons by following British Home Design on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter. Feel free to message me on Facebook if you love the BHD style and would like some help sourcing that perfect piece for your home.

Love, BHD x



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