How to create a decadent Art Deco inspired Living Room (with a Botanical twist!)

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

One of our favourite Interior Design Trends for 2020 here at British Home Design is without a doubt the Art Deco theme. It comes with its twists and influences to differentiate it from its 1920's origin; combining 'Great Gatsby' luxe with earthy colours and floral and botanical touches is what makes this look so fresh in this modern era.

Let's admire the below image by our friends over at Perch & Parrow - we're sure you will agree that they have achieved an absolutely superb look with their impeccable interior styling and perfect product selection.

You can achieve this VERY look in your own living room; British Home Design will show you how, so let's start by breaking down the products available to buy which you can see tagged with the BHD labels. Plus, we have some colour suggestions to create that cosy, cocoon-like and sultry environment which will give your home that interior design edge.

Let's start with the sofa - 'The Brooke'. Arguably the showstopping showpiece of the room, its earthy burnt orange tones bring that modern twist that I was telling you about earlier yet ironically this is very much a vintage look that is so en vogue right now. That deep scalloped cushion back is such a current style and can be seen everywhere right now and is set to remain a design classic. The soft velvet material literally entices you to want to sit on this piece whilst giving that luxury edge. The curves add to the feminine floral vibe which gives this piece that very subtle yet botanical edge.