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Your One-Stop Guide of Predicted Home Design Trends fresh for 2024

2024 has arrived and with a fresh start comes opportunity to review the previous year, assessing what styles we embraced as predicted and which emerged organically with no warning. As usual, our eye for trends have been spotted across social media - Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and X, with posts from both retailers and consumers alike. We've embraced the styles from all over the world, and not just the UK. Our list incorporates not only interior design trends but also architectural design trends, too. So, without further ado, let's have a look at what British Home Design predicts will be big trends in the home design world for 2024!

(Disclaimer: All images have been credited to their rightful and very talented owners. Please note this post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.)

Credit @elmwood_lake_house Instagram

1.Farmhouse Styling

We're seeing refined farmhouse interiors all over Instagram with such momentum, we don't predict to hit the brakes any time soon. When implementing this look for your home, think country charm, exposing your home's natural features such as beams and bricks, with minimal styling and a cosy edge.

Credit @jennasuedesign & @coloratelier Instagram

2. Limewash Paint

Another trend rolling over from 2023 is Limewash paint. Its chalky finish is subtle yet distinctive with a unique ability to create a neutral, muted and soft appearance which creates a harmonious and tranquil space. As sustainability continues to be a key factor, this natural, non-toxic and breathable finish contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Credit Instagram

3. Scalloped Details

2024 promises to see an increase in design that is 'fun' and this wavy, flowing detail is the perfect way to inject playful personality into the home, in a really tasteful way. We have in previous years seen this trend more on furniture but it is now evolving for 2024 more as trims and highlights, so from rugs and light fittings to creative paint effects, this is a strong trend we'll be seeing lots of this year.

Credit @mimarseymanurcelik Instagram

4. Lightwells

Bringing in light from above has always been a continuous go-to design element for us architects for sure, but there's something subtle in the way that it is executed that we're seeing more and more, and that is, in the way that the light enters from the top-side edge, where the wall and ceiling meet. This effect can be achieved with both natural and artificial light and with light being a top factor for nearly all of my clients, it is a great way to play with light in a dynamic way.

Credit @lulumoonowlbooks Instagram

5. The Unreal

AI imagery is everywhere now - it's hard to differentiate what's real and what's been digitally created. Digital enhancements have created a polarity with design; on one end of the spectrum is pure perfection and on the other is rustic charm and wabi-sabi, but now, we're seeing a rise in the extreme and surreal thanks to design ideas that are created by artificial intelligence and not humans as an interpretation of the words that we code into a script. This aesthetic will slowly influence the design world through 2024 - that, we have no doubt.

Credit @homesense_uk Instagram

6. Dopamine Decor

We adore this trend as there is only one rule - and that is, that the decor that you choose to surround yourself with, should make you happy. It should lift you; it should fill you with joy. From the fun and playful, to the colourful and flamboyant, your home should be an expression of your personality. Homes are often seen to display sentimental pieces and personal photographs of loved ones; this trend goes a step further, with all items - from furniture to paint choices - being a carefully curated expression of your psyche.

Credit @kirostaging Instagram

7. Pale Refined Wood Cabinetry

We're seeing just so many examples of refined kitchens and nothing is more natural and simple than a refined pale wood - think exposed carpentry, and light interiors which often contrast with glamourous stone worktops and then finished off with a statement rug.

Credit Etsy. Click here to shop the artwork >>

8. Checkerboard Prints

This is one of those classic styles that just keeps going round and round. Just when you think it's out, it soon comes back on trend. This bold print is an ideal decor investment which you can switch into and outside of your home design scheme as desired. Investing in prints, rugs and cushions with this pattern is a sound way to make a statement whilst refreshing your home, as and when it needs it. And it's definitely back with a bang for 2024.

Credit @jacques.grange @francoishalard via Instagram

9. Plants, Plants and more Plants

Rolling over from 2023 (and indeed year after year since the pandemic) biophilic design is still here and growing stronger than your hardiest house plant. The ethos is simple - bring the outside in. Oxygenate your home. With a pop of natural greenery your home will always be alive and promise to make you feel happy, caring and fulfilled.

Don't like plants? Well just then choose green colours instead; natural colours are big for 2024.

Credit @momentdesign_architecture

10. Kitchen Runners

Kitchen styling is not complete without a runner for 2024. These long rugs are a huge trend at the moment and bonus points if it is is vintage style or has an antique print.

Credit: The Nordroom via Pinterest

11. Warm Earthy Colours

This is a colour palette that we have not stopped seeing over late 2023 and will without a doubt dominate 2024. Think warm earthy reds and browns, deep oranges, rich terracotta hues, clays, dusty pinks and warm beiges. This palette of warming hues is cosy and comforting; ensuring that your home is a comfortable sanctuary is a key ethos for 2024, and enveloping your space with warm paint colours is the perfect way to achieve that.

Credit @matildagoad Instagram

12. Maximalism

Minimalism is having a break for 2024 with its opposite, Maximalism taking the limelight. We're all about making our homes characterful and an expression of our bolder personalities and stronger opinions, but with a warmth and charm that creates a cosy and homely feel. Mixing textures, patterns, colours and eclectic decor finds is the way forward to achieving this look in 2024.

Credit: Olga Garcia via Pinterest

13. Worktop Level Kitchen Windows over the Hob

This is a design trend that us architects have a keen eye for and its detection is so subtle that most people haven't spotted it, probably, we suspect. We're seeing this more and more and will without a doubt be designing this into elevations over 2024. Positioning a sink under the window has always been a classic design choice, but there's something new, and slightly controversial about doing this with the hob. However, when done right, it can really maximise space and utilising every inch of the home is an important factor for design in 2024.

Credit @the_fox_group Instagram

14. Crittall

Still very much on vogue for 2024, crittall windows, doors, shower screens and dividers continue to bring that timeless quality and luxury appeal into our homes. Its industrial style brings ultimate design flair which pairs well with just about anything and will be seen against bolder patterns and colours this year.

Credit @daniellesiobhan

15. Creative Nooks

We're feeling both playful and creative in 2024 and maximising space in this way is the ultimate goal for this year. The popularity of the alcove nook has resulted in a levelling up and we will be seeing some quirky ideas borne from those awkward and tricky spaces - watch this space.

Credit @blairburtoninteriors Instagram

16. Stone Finishes

Stone is always on trend; marble in particular is not going anywhere. However we're seeing a rise in the more rustic stone finishes such as tumbled limestone which contrast with the refined finishes that we're seeing set against it.

Credit @maddalenaminerva Instagram

17. Feature ceilings

From exposed beams, tall vaulted ceilings, latticed designs to barrel vaults, if you're lucky enough to have a property with a feature ceiling then make sure you enhance it to be on trend for 2024. Even the more 'normal' ceilings can be dressed with parisienne plaster work from corbels, ceiling roses to intricate patterned cornacing to name a few ideas. Then there's wallpapering the ceiling and using bold paint colours high above too. Every ceiling can be bold if you want it to be!

Credit Instagram

18. Curves

Curves are another design trend continuing forward into 2024. Their fluid elegance can be applied pretty much anywhere from walls to kitchen islands, to furniture and lighting to create a statement feature which will always look dynamic and fresh.

Credit @aplusp.architects Instagram

19. Linearity

On the other end of the spectrum to curves is linearity. Seen as slats and fluted elements, there is talk that this style has had its time, but we're seeing an evolution in its application allowing it to stay with us just that little bit longer, and that's through pairing it with curves to create a dynamic duo fresh for 2024.

So, there we have it - British Home Design's round up of design trends for 2024. We're seeing all of these trends combine into one eclectic mixing pot, with a clear ethos that, really, there are no rules - if something makes you happy then just go for it. Design is all about expression and finding your happy place. Trends are not the be-all blueprint to follow, they're just common themes that we're seeing more than others. Whether you love rustic or refined, wood or stone, curves or linearity - guess what; they're all on-trend! You cannot go wrong by just being yourself; and even if you're stuck in the past with design, fear not as fashions will always come back around again.

We hope that you have loved this guide that we put together and wish you a very happy new year!

All the best,



Sami Loton is a Chartered Architect and Interior Designer based in Norfolk. She founded British Home Design in May 2019 with a vision to provide a holistic approach to design incorporating interior design, architectural design and landscaping design. She has a passionate and creative approach, working 1:1 with her clients in a collaborative way and uses Virtual Reality and 3D design to demonstrate and explore the true potential of her client's homes in a fluid and exciting way.


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