Four of my favourite home reconfiguration tips I use on my projects as an Interior Architect

I absolutely love working on interior reconfigurarion projects. I truly enjoy exploring a homes full potential and I am not afraid to completely reimagine a layout! I embrace the challenge of working within the existing confines of a space, be it a room, or a whole home, and putting my creative hat on and questioning every detail of a rooms use and how it can be improved. As both a Chartered Architect and Interior Designer combined I have an eye that spans the two disciplines, and as such I really critique an existing set-up before proposing changes. I do the same with my clients briefs; listening closely to the desired outcomes, but not being afraid to challenge the idea that there might be another approach or solution. I have compiled a list of four of my favourite tips that I love to implement in my design work, which hopefully gives you some inspiration for your own home renovation.

My favourite multifunctional bathroom reconfiguration hack

When reconfiguring a bathroom layout, I’m always trying to find ways to make the space as multifunctional as possible, and a shower wall is often the perfect tool. By forming a nook out of the shower, this wall becomes a divider to break up the space, and can then be used as a feature wall to position a sink or two, or a bathtub, up against it. By forming this new stud wall (if appropriate circulation space allows) the options are endless for how practical this wall can be - waterfall taps can come out of it, or storage shelves can be integrated into it. Finally, by tiling the wall, this then creates a waterproof splash back - perfect for the shower on the other side, as unlike a glass shower screen, this doesn’t leave limescale marks if you are often too rushed in your routine to wipe or squeegee it down. Endeavouring to create a space-saving, low-maintenance yet high aesthetic appproach is a huge goal for me as a designer.

Working with existing character in the room