Creativity, inspiration, and where it all starts

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

3D drawing in progress; one of our projects, in Sussex
3D drawing in progress; one of our projects, in Surrey

With our first cohort of clientele, British Home Design is well and truly underway. Behind the scenes, we are working on a diverse range of exciting projects around the UK from small-large extensions, barn conversions and one-off homes. We are enthusiastic about maintaining a collaborative approach with our clients; this is ultimately their home and our aim is to work together to make their spaces the best they can be, inside and out. But, where does it all start?

Details from one of our projects, in Suffolk
Details from one of our projects, in Suffolk
We believe that design excellence starts with understanding.

A deep understanding of clients needs as well as a fundamental understanding of the existing space. Be it a plot of land, a delapidated outbuilding or a home in need of modernisation, each project is a blank canvas which needs to be crafted around, and for, its future occupier.

We take the time to get to know both client and the existing spaces, and this is something we do well and cannot simply rush through. The 'Work In Progress' image as seen at the top here showcases the drawing progression of one of our projects, in Surrey, as a drawing turns from 2D to 3D; for our clients, this is something they want to get right to achieve the home they dream of with British Home Design commissioned to go the extra mile to ensure this happens. The measured survey allows British Home Design to thoroughly explore the home; we capture the information as photographs as seen here from one of our measured surveys undertaken in Suffolk, and recre