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3 reasons why Measured Surveys are so important

When first undertaking any home design project, its really important to have a good understanding of your existing building and/or land. Why? Here are a few reasons:

You can plan your project more accurately:

Simply knowing the accurate dimensions of your available space will go far in assessing what is realistically achievable; identifying both constraints and opportunities.

Planning applications require scaled drawings of ‘existing plans’:

If you are altering an existing property in any way, the planners want to be able to compare the building as existing, with the building how it will be as you are proposing it to be. Even where planning isn’t required, this is an integral part of any design process.

Noting contextual features:

For extension and new build projects, a good measured survey will cross check your boundary information as shown on OS Data Maps with your land ownership documentation as shown on your title deeds. This helps to identify whether any party wall notices may need to be made. It may also raise other aspects to consider such as the proximity of trees, and also help gain an understanding of service routes such as drains. Understanding a sites context is critical so that it’s impact on the immediate setting can be worked into the design proposals.

Did you know?

British Home Design offers a Meet & Measure service, allowing us to meet in person to discuss your requirements of what you want to achieve and how you currently use the space (if applicable) as well as taking the opportunity to understand your existing home and it’s immediate context. We will also assess whether it may be a benefit to your project to have additonal survey information provided by specialist consultants.

Following this day getting to know you and your home/land, all this information will be documented and a full set of existing plans and elevations will be drawn by British Home Design in 2D using CAD.

This is the first step in your journey of turning your dream into reality; and also, a crucial one, as knowledge of what we have to work with is key to assuring great outcomes.

We include our meet and measure service as standard for all our 1:1 projects. If you’re interested in seeing how British Home Design can help you with your project, please get in touch!

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