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For those of you who have followed and supported British Home Design from the beginning (thank you!) you will know that this all started as a home décor blog; an outlet to share my love of interior design and home decor products available to buy to your UK doorstep, written from my perspective as a British Architect.

It is with great pleasure that I am so excited to reveal that British Home Design is launching as a brand new architectural design studio!

I made the personal decision to focus on this new venture full time, and so I have taken the biggest leap of faith into the unknown - an unknown that allows me to control my own future, and leave my employment as the residential manager of a Norfolk architecture practice to enable me to build British Home Design into the successful business entity that I just know that it will be. If you never try, then you will never know, right? I am so excited to start my new role as Company Director. The next chapter of my life starts today and I welcome you to be a part of my journey!


British Home Design is all about making a house a home. The home is such a personal space and this is why it is so important to give a personal approach to each and every one of my clients, creating an open dialogue about aims and ambitions so that I can create a design that not only draws out the full potential of the space, but is in addition a beautiful and practical space, perfectly suited to my clients unique needs and requirements.

My focus is to provide the highest quality services and design excellence to my select clientele. My holistic approach endeavours to formulate a design which sensitively and appropriately responds to the immediate contextual environment, incorporating architectural design, with interior design and landscaping design, providing greater value to my clients through great, well considered drawings.

I wish to be selective about my clientele as I believe it is so important that clients find and work with the right designer to match their personality and design aspirations, which enables me to give the due care and time consideration to each of my clients individually and personally.


I believe in the importance of great, personal communication, which can come in many forms, from the way design ideas are presented, to how an idea is translated in the finished design, from simple courtesy project updates, to effectively managing the larger project team. I appreciate that building works can often be daunting for homeowners, so I endeavour to offer down-to-earth guidance and a jargon free approach to communication to help smooth-out and simplify the process as far as possible. Great design should be borne out of a dialogue, not just an imposing of ideas or spearheading a single approach or design aesthetic.

I am keen to spend as much time that is needed to properly extract the clients brief, wishes, wants, needs, goals, aims and ambitions. I then use this information to create something new and deeply personal, whilst simultaneously challenging and questioning clients ideas, drawing out priorities, solving key problems, separating wants from needs, and even presenting suggestions that may have not been considered. This is an important communicative dialogue which is crucial to getting the design process right.

The communicating of ideas and design, through drawing and imagery, is an important aspect of the British Home Design ethos. Not only do I undertake my design work in 3D to explore the potential of your home in the most efficient and holistically understandable way possible, but I also offer photo-realistic visualisation services. I want my clients to be sure that their investment is being spent exactly as intended and there is no clearer way of knowing this unless the scheme is seen, before your eyes. I have invested in the best technology, so that you can actually 'see' your scheme, before you invest in reality! This isn’t just a luxury drawing package; this is a practical service to ensure you have the confidence to proceed with this design before the works commence. It enriches the decision making process, literally giving a whole new dimension to design.


I am already rediscovering my passion; the passion that kept me driven and focussed for a decade whilst reading architecture at university, and that is simply creativity in design. This is something that cannot be taught, it can be grown and nurtured for sure, but I do pride myself in the fact this talent belongs to me innately.

Architecture school and experience in practice has provided me with a rounded understanding of the important technical and legislative overviews that I require to be a professional architect, but it is ultimately my creative design work that I want to provide to my clients, as this is the part that lives on long after our appointment has ended.

I want each drawing issued to go beyond just a practical document and to be a memento of the experience of engaging the architect. I want my client to remember how their home used to be and smile at the space that it has become and be able to recommend my guidance to others for having a foresight and perspective they may have otherwise been unable to achieve without my input. I want to wow my clients with my creative thinking and ability to find solutions to the problems they are having with how the space currently is or looks.


Bringing ideas together and making dreams a reality for my clients is my passion. It is also important to maintain a reputable business and part of this is through collaborating with other businesses and individuals. I aim to promote, share and celebrate the work of other designers.

I want to encourage others who are tackling their own home improvement projects and showcase their achievements. I want to create a community of likeminded people, so that we can all share tips and inspiration.

I want to celebrate other architects and help promote the profession. By celebrating great design, you celebrate the thought process that is manifested as design excellence. Creativity is a reflection of the mindfulness of its designer. By sharing ideas, you are inspiring. By sharing tips you are helping someone to learn. This is what our community is about and by supporting British Home Design, you are supporting the wider industry of design professionals, as I will be cross promoting the work of others, as well as the projects I am so proud to undertake for my clients.

I would like to personally invite you to join our network via any or all of your preferred social media outlets below. I also wish to end on a personal thank you for joining me on this incredible journey.

Thank you,

Sami (AKA BHD x)





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