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Whether you are looking for an Interior Designer to help you make-over

just one room, through to assistance with a whole property renovation

British Home Design is here to help you!

We bring the added expertise of also being a Chartered Architect; bringing your interior project an additional layer of value, by being able to explore alternative design solutions that may benefit your homes spatial potential.


Whether your project is large or small, we will help guide you forwards to transforming your home into the space you dream it will become.

We are passionate about great design. Simply, your project is our passion.

 British Home Design is passionate about

helping clients turn their dream home into a reality 

Apply: Need an Interior Designer?


Interior Design Collaborative Process

STEP 1 //

Let us know what you want to achieve//

Get  in touch with us using the form below. We have some quick questions to ask you to get started. We will then assess how we can help you with your project and get right back in touch.

STEP 2 //

We will help you plan your project

If your application is successful, we will formulate a complimentary Project Plan, which will to set out a strategy to move your project forwards, with a quotation for our Professional Fees.

STEP 3//

Meet your Interior Architect!

If you'd like to work together, you will work with a Chartered Architect / Interior Designer who will meet you at your home & take the time to listen to  your goals & help turn your dreams into reality.

Current Availability: Apply today to secure your position for appointments commencing as soon as June/July 2024

Prospective Client Contact Form

Ready to apply?
We'd love to hear from you!

Please register your interest in working with British Home Design by completing the form below, which may take you around 5-10 minutes to complete. You may find it easier to complete from a desktop pc.​


Your answers will enable us to get back to you with a free quotation in the first instance. This will give you a good idea of costs and services, all completely remotely and without obligation to instruct us.


Our fees are bespoke to your project and very competitively priced.

Please provide as much information as possible so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate.

Please note that this form is designed for those wanting Interior Design services in isolation. If you also require any architectural design services, such as layout reconfiguration, new-build extensions, external window/door openings, landscaping services etc, please complete this form instead


If you would first like to see if any of our preset e-interior design packages are suitable for your needs, please take a look at our Simply Décor brochure, otherwise, please get in touch below for a bespoke quotation!


Thank you for your time!


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