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Pawsome Pet Decor Ideas

It’s so important to include our much loved pets when considering the design for our homes. From dog kennels concealed under stairs or within kitchen islands, to the humble cat flap, clients often request to make a little consideration for their furry friends when planning their design scheme. We may not be able to stop our cat from plucking the brand new Berber loop carpet in the night, but we can at least fill our homes with tasteful pet furniture to provide aesthetic beauty amongst the creature comforts. This #Pawgust we are rounding up our top picks of some of the best and most beautiful furnishings so our pets can be just as Instagram ready as the decor in our homes. Let’s jump in!

Rattan Pet Tipi

What a pawsome start, and just how adorable is that pooch? Rattan as a material is still very much on trend and the tipi design gives this piece an edge that doesn’t necessarily jump out as obvious pet furniture, making it purfect (okay, so I’ll try and stop doing that) to position anywhere.

Mason Cash Dog Bowls

Mason Cash is one of those brands synonymous with class, and these pet bowls promise to elevate your kitchen floor to a whole new level. Available in an elegant shade of grey and with the famous ribbed linear pattern, a bowl of water and some crunchies never looked so good.

Spherical cat bed

This spherical cat bed is just so architectural, we just love it. Simply purrrect.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

How tasteful does this dog look in this bed? It’s perfect if you’re looking to bring in traditional country kitchen styling. Made by Silentnight, the memoryfoam cushion means that not only will your pets paws be super comfortable sinking into that cosy base, but you also know that you’re treating your furry friend to a taste of quality and luxury.

Larder Cabinet with Pet Bed

If you’re looking to invest in a piece of furniture for your home that also doubles up as a pet bed, then look no further. Larder units are one of the most functional and aesthetically charming pieces of furniture available, and may even be located in a practical location, such as a boot room, so that your pet can hang out there and rest after a long walk.

Pet House

Looking for something a little more traditional in form, but still with that unique edge? This rattan pet house makes a simple statement and doesn’t involve taking out a second mortgage.

Bone Blanket

Every Instagram bed or sofa would not be complete without a cosy blanket or throw, so why not throw a casual dog bone print into the mix to shake up the style? At 105x165cm this cosy blanket is large and practical, perfect whether folded up, spread out on the arm chair or tucked around your pooch.

Cat Cave

Described as a refuge for cats composed of two overlapping stones, this piece of feline furniture is sure to be as much a conversation starter as it is a futuristic piece of modern art for your home.

Cotton and Jute Rope Bed

Oh la la, this frenchie knows how to rock getting out of bed in style. With a washable cushion this basket is the perfect addition to any interior bringing coastal vibes whilst being practical at the same time.

So that’s our mini round up for decor for your pets which also will look absolutely fabulous in your home!

All products shown have been independently curated by British Home Design and we may earn an affiliate commission if a purchase is made through our links that take you directly to the retailers website. Just click on the images to visit the shop.

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