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The Ultimate Guide of 22 Predicted Interior Design Trends fresh for 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

2022 is set to be a very exciting year for us architects and interior designers; the design world has carved a clear path for trends, old and new, which is clear to see across social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and we cannot wait to share these finds with you!

Very Peri is Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year

1. Very Peri

When Very Peri won Pantone colour of the year back in late 2021, we fully understood why this crisp lilac blue captivated the colour forecasters hearts. The symbolism behind what this colour stands for denotes a shift in culture which embraces change; from the way we interact socially through technology, to the way we live and work in our homes as a combined live/work environment, this compex colour with its subtle violet red hues is becoming more and more visible - and indeed on trend - in the design world.

We no longer have to fight with our colleagues for who gets to have the desk by the window

2. Working From Home

When the hashtag #WFH started trending back in 2020, it’s still just as prevalent nearly 2 years later and is set to continue to influence the way we work within our home environments. Many of us have simply adapted to a new way of life, with the temporary kitchen table workstations becoming more permanent and evolving into sophisticated spaces, from purpose built garden rooms to converted loft bedroom offices, to name a couple. The concept of the ‘nook’, and making the most of otherwise redundant and disused spaces in the home has really taken off, with people looking to utilise every square millimetre of their homes potential as either a multifunctional or fully designated work space.

3. The Sacrosanct Bedroom

Leading on from the concept that lots of us are now working from home, it’s becoming more important than ever that the home, now with its role as a multifunctional hub, has those clearly defined areas to encourage balance and harmony into our lives. The bedroom is increasing in popularity as that space; the zone chosen as the at-home retreat from where to relax and unwind. The Wabi-Sabi bedroom is bang on trend, still, reconnecting us with ancient Japanese principles such as balance, harmony, and embracing the perfection in the imperfect. Our environments are also reflecting these morals, as psychologically uplifting spaces.

4. The Sanctuary Bathroom

We’re not going to go through every room of the house and label it as sacred now just because we’re working from home, don’t worry! But, we have to give the humble bathroom a mention as it’s still very much a key player in providing that truly isolated space from which to retreat to within the home, and presents the greatest of opportunities to truly unwind. Many of us are now finding more time to soak the day away, with the bath serving as a ritualistic space to transition from a working day, at home, to a chilled evening - also at home (👍🏼). We’re seeing more natural aesthetics in the bathroom too, with trends pointing towards neutral colours, tones and textures combined with hand-crafted artifacts and organic, eco conscious products.

5. Cottagecore

The idyllic Cottagecore movement extends across all types of disciplines, not just design, and embraces a more simple way of life; of being at one with nature, and of course, being sustainably minded. We’re talking nostalgic old fashioned pastimes, countryside endeavours, with a little romanticism thrown in. Aesthethically, this manifests as quintessentially English rustic charm, with natural or vintage decoration and warm neutral colour schemes.

6. Limewashing

We are seeing limewashed walls everywhere and think this will become even huger in 2022. This chalky, mineral based paint has a distinctive suede like texture, full of mottled and earthy texture that oozes rustic charm. Limewash is made from natural lime and pigments, so it is super environmentally friendly compared to standard paint. Its natural pigmentation means that its tonal pallet comprises of neutral colours. From ethos, to application, limewash paint is sure to grow in popularity.

7. Sustainability

All this talk of mindful design, both physically and mentally, brings us nicely onto our next trend; sustainability. As corporations pledge towards becoming Net Zero or Carbon Neutral, we too are making lifestyle changes within our homes that are having positive impacts on the environment. From upcycling jars to reducing plastic waste, through to becoming more self-sustainable through growing our own food, the way we function is in turn influencing the design forms of our homes. Our architectural clients have been expressing more interest in ethical design concepts such as sedum roofs and green living walls, as well as eco-technological demand such as integration of car battery charging points into their home design. This way of thinking is expressing itself in our interior design schemes, through ‘mindful’ design which sees lighter, brighter, and more minimal styling, paired with natural, considerately sourced, and consciously applied, products.

8. Biophilic Design

Continuing in popularity for 2022, this trend never really went away. We’ve seen a huge boom in interiors featuring indoor planting, from cosy hanging plants, to huge statement olive trees. These rich colour-pops and natural organic forms have such timeless appeal and this trend is rolling over with tenacity thanks to a continued appreciation for bringing nature indoors.

9. Literally, Green Interiors

From green sustainable thinking, to green colour palettes, this versatile colour works in so many scenarios. Whether you’re wanting to achieve an earthy, natural vibe, or a glamorous luxe interior, green can be used as a primary focal point through colour, or as a secondary accent, whether integrated as a plant, lighting feature or piece of furniture. Emerald Green seems to be the shade of the season, with emerald green glass also making a huge comeback. We’re seeing a rise in requests for green kitchens too, for its timeless appeal, and ability to pair so well with brass hardware and worktops, from marble to oak.

10. Transparency

Glass is a material that is always timeless, and transcends from architectural feature to interior design staple. From reeded cupboards to bell pendant lights, glass looks fabulous in every colour and texture, from clear to emerald green. Whether a fluted shower screen, a vintage leaves light fitting or feature architectural glazing, glass is and probably always will be trending. Bringing light into the home is also an ever timeless request to achieve, and both external windows and internal glazed partitions with Crittall frames are still very much the popular look to aspire to achieve this year.

11. Curved Mirrors

Mark our words; you’ll be seeing lots of curved mirrors in 2022. This organic, almost surreal wall embellishment doubles as a functional art form and can be used singularly or as part of a collective to add playful interest to a variety of interior design schemes.

12. Metallic Details

Hardware specification was a big deal in 2021 with all things luxury and glamorous creating a rise in desire for all things shiney-shiney. From antique brass hinges to gold trims, decadent metallics are here to stay for 2022.

13. The Colour Black

Vibing off the luxury end of the spectrum, the colour black, and indeed neutral moody-luxe greys (such as the tonal specs you see in natural stone such as marble) monochromatic colour schemes are right here to stay for 2022, and work for nearly every look, from edgy, to elegant.

14. Statement Lights

Using lighting as a focal point has always been an important aspect of interior design, but in 2022 a statement pendant chandelier will be at the heart of at least 50% of images on Instagram. Lights in every colour shape and size imaginable, from minimal to sculptural will grace the focus of interior design schemes of homes throughout the UK.

15. Feature Walls and Ceilings

We’ve spotted a huge increase in demand for feature walls with a specific essence; the feature wall itself has been somewhat of a timeless favourite over the years, having morphed through various guises from gallery art walls to a single wall of wallpaper. For 2022 we’re seeing a strong emphasis on French and English period detailing using waynescotting, panelling strips, and borders of feature coving, in a neutral colour palette to really allow the three-dimensional details to pop for themselves. Ceilings are equally as creative; from entire murals to bold paint colours, incorporating the ceiling into the design is just as important as considering the walls.

16. Colour Blocking

On the other side of the statement wall is colour blocking, whereby 2D features are created using only painting techniques. A 3D form, such as the shadow of the inside of an arch is created using only paint and a single block of colour. This fun and colourful trend is another style rolling over from 2021 and we can see why it’s so popular; it is a cost-effective and creative way to zone a space and can be applied in so many ways across so many different rooms.

17. Colour Pops

Pairing bold colours, confidently, with contrasting shapes and statement (often mid-century) pieces is another big trend for 2022. Think playful, quirky, and of course creative; an expression of you - and the wild and wonderful - and you can do no wrong with this fabulously fun look.

18. Retro

Vintage, the 90s, the 70s, Mid-Century; all these eras fuse into an eclectic and sometimes eccentric dose of nostalgiac design thats not quite sure what era its even meant to be in any more. From the going-all-out living rooms that look like a kitch museum, to the subtle 70s statement sideboard, this style has levels of dedication; are you level one (that’s a nice retro telephone in the corner) or a level 10 (Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen eat your heart out **)?

19. Velvet

Speaking of velvet... it is clear to see why this sumptuous material is making a comeback for 2022 - because design trends are all intrinsically connected. This texture blends retro with luxury and allows two styles to be paired together harmoniously. It looks even more plush when styled into trending colour schemes, from blacks, to emeralds, to burnt oranges, and even works as a 90s throwback in lilac when paired with pastel colours and ombré tones.

20. Scallops

Still very much relevant in 2022, the scallop design trend has been consistently in fashion for several years and has in turn manifested into more curvaceous offspring. Inspired by the ridges on sea shells, (or quite possibly sponge fingers - we’re not quite sure...) we see scalloped design mostly on furniture, from headboards to chairs. But recently it has taken on alternative modes, from decor - such as bedding, linen, cushions and throws, to permanent fixtures - from scalloped colour block painting techniques to the good old favourite, scalloped ceramic tiles.

21. Curves and Arches

All things curved and arched are set to be huge in 2022. Arches are absolutely everywhere, from windows, doors, mirrors, cabinets and wall openings to name a few. This classic aesthetic has been prevalent for years but it’s seriously trending, hard, right now. Team an arch with its curved furniture counterpart, this look manifests as a playful and minimal design, with a timeless, glossy, magazine-ready look.

22. Verticality

And finally, we predict that to balance out all the curves, linear vertical elements from slatted partitions to battened headboards will be lining up to be even more ahead of the curve in 2022. We see clean vertical lines making a stronger appearance as backdrop panelling walls and headboards as well as on doors and cabinetry. If you look closely at many of these vertical panels, their profiles are often scalloped or fluted, and so contain a balance of both soft and sharp texture depending on the angle and position of the viewer.

So that’s it! 22 interior design predictions for 2022! Love them or hate them, we know that fashions are a huge part of life that transcends the now; popular design eventually becomes iconic, cultural and historical. 2022 will eventually become a year that we look back on and assign a certain style to this era; which of the 22 featured looks will become synonymous with 2022? Only time will tell.


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