Stepping Through The Grey Door

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

It has been only 8 months since Aimee posted her first photo to her brand new Instagram account @throughthegreydoor; an image of her contemporary grey front door, with some peripheral peeks of symmetrical bay trees and modern timber clad panels.

Since this day, the account has amassed a following of over 25K dedicated supporters. British Home Design sat down with Aimee at her Norfolk New-Build home to chat about her success and interior design style. We also discussed her top tips for styling and photographing the home, her favourite places to shop homeware, and the reality of life behind the account.

Aimee Through The Grey Door
The face behind @throughthegreydoor

Firstly Aimee, congratulations on creating such a hugely successful Instagram account! Why do you think your following grew so fast?

Aimee: I am still so shocked how quickly my Instagram has grown!

I was so worried about starting my account and thought no-one would be interested in seeing photos of my home, but everyone is so kind and supportive. I think it helps to engage with other accounts, share and support them. The best thing about having a home account is the home account community.

We couldn't agree more; the home design community is a fantastic, positive and supportive bunch of people - and diverse too - ranging from DIYers through to professional design experts. Have you any top tips for budding home influencers?

Aimee: I find that trying to create content that others can create seems to work well. In photos I will try and capture an area of a room that others could then use for inspiration and create in their own homes. For example, my shelving unit in the living room is a popular photo on my grid and quite a few followers have said that they have bought the same unit and tried to create something similar in their homes.