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This is a brand new website for interior design lovers much like myself! I absolutely love shopping for decor & know that with a keen eye you can get that look for less. This website is my curated collection of those pieces that have caught my eye & I cannot wait to share with you.

I have a clear ethos and style when sourcing products & the item has to be able to be delivered to a UK address - there is nothing worse than finding a product unavailable to be delivered to your UK door. Not all products are made in britiain; & this is where a little trust in an unknown seller has to be made if you are after that look for less. You may need to wait longer for it to arrive, or read a description in a comical attempt at the English language. Ultimately, this is how many of the larger retailers work - they obtain their stock from abroad and re-package to suit the more discerning UK market, but you pay a premium for this.